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Olivier Mourgue, Apartment, 1966
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"you didn't answer mine :(("

— Anonymous

ya cause I was only finishing the ones in my ask when I said no more so if you sent it after that I didn’t do it or you sent it in fanmail which I said I wouldn’t answer

auroriumwaste our love chasing black

☆ indie/bambi/nature☆
emacitatedस्त्रैण व्यक्ति

Very pretty - the sun coming out this morning :) (instagram -@yasmeenzainul)

"you have awesome music taste tbh"


omg thank you

that actually means so much to me

calciemcalum hood ruined me

I’m obsessed with the sky
calciemcalum hood ruined me

similar here

"please I need some advice!It is about a guy howevs the thing is I can't forget him and I've try really but the thing is also that i've moved to another city we haven't talk to each other like in 4 or 5 months (our last conversation was where i told him goodbye) and the thing is also that i don't think he'll ever forgive me or talk to me again because i liked him he liked me but i made too complicated so things didn't happened between us and now i can't stop thinking about him"

— Anonymous

hmm try focusing on school and other things to take your mind off of it. Like really focus on your studies and other stuff you do (like sports and art or singing or whatever you do). Or maybe try getting some closure somehow that’ll help you move on.  I don’t really know how to go about doing that, but maybe just talking to him or something will help but I don’t really know the situation so that might not help actually.

canonrygolden boy