Ali Michael 
Ali started modeling when she was 15 after winning the Kim Dawson Model Search contest in 2005. 2007 is when Ali’s runway career began, but just the next year during Paris fashion week she was sent home after being told that “her legs were too plump”. Ali then brought to light the pressures to be thin in the modeling world. She revealed that her and many other models struggled with starving themselves just to stay in the modeling world. Ali has since went to a nutritionist and handled her Bulimia Nervosa. In 2008 Ali returned to the catwalk walking for a handful of big name designers and did the same in 2009. But since then Ali has left the runway, in turn for editorial and commercial modeling. 
Ali is such an amazing role model, she stuck with what she loved, even though she was sent packing. She put herself together and is still doing what she loves. The modeling world is crazy and there standards are near impossible. While i personally don’t think i’ll ever enter the same orbital as most of these, other worldly models it’s nice to be reminded there human. 
 Ali’s instagram and twitter 
- Molly
p.s. Ali’s the best and enough people don’t know about her, so please don’t delete the text! Also i wrote it instead of doing homework, so please let me have this!

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